New Year's Day Open Match this Wednesday
Winter Open Matches to run weekly from Sunday 15th December.

Open matches are held at Redhill every Wednesday - get there by 8-30am for a 9am draw. Look out for info on weekend opens.

Incredible weights at Redhill!
The August  Bank Holiday Open saw a continuation of the recent incredible weights.
Dai Crandon took top honours, and the top 15 all scaled over a ton!
1st Dai Crandon 249 - 05 p25
2nd Danny Baker 181 - 01 p35
3rd Andrew Mann 178 - 08 T23
4th Andrew Mumford 173 - 01 p18
5th Bob Giles 157 - 07 T21
6th Mike Williams 157 - 06 T 5
7th Dan Hook 131 - 11 p31
8th Rob Dyer 130 - 07 p33
9th Scott Worton 128 - 09 p29
10th Mark Jones 127 - 00 p2
11th Howard Green 115 - 00 T15
12th Seb Merritt 111 - 09 p23
13th Phill Phelps 109 - 14 T19
14th Gary Lewies 109 - 08 p8
15th Ian Exall 106 - 00 T11

Wednesday 7th August was yet another red letter day at Redhill with the top 10 anglers averaging over 200lbs! The match was split between Sophie's and Molly's with both pools producing excellent weights. Matt Davies had to be docked 70lbs for an over the limit net, which would have given him the win with an incredible 355lbs. Howard Green benefitted from the mistake!
1st Howard Green 332 - 06
2nd Ian Exall 315 -13
3rd Matt Davies 285 - 00
4th Aron Williams 201 - 09
5th Ryan Morgan 182 - 03
6th Alan Davies 171 - 04
7th Bryan King 165 - 11
8th Mark Williams 154 - 04
9th Ian Sutton 142 - 09
10th Dan Wild 121 - 03

Andrew Mann


 Redhill Fishery today for the Sirhowy match on Penny’s. Drew a good un in the shape of peg 33. Plan was to fish short nick a few f1s while priming shallow line for f1s then try and extract as much as possible last hour and half down the edge. Well to say it started slow for me was an understatement probably had 4 f1s in the first hour short on pellets just couldn’t put anything together so went out 13mtr with pellets and started to put a few f1 together over next few hours fishing 4mm pellets best depth out there was 15” today wind was a nightmare.  Atr the 2 hour mark primed the edge and saw signs immediately so gone down and put 130lb of carp together last hour and half, corn was best over pellets. Managed a total of 195lb odd to take 1st place, been some cracking back up weights too, brilliant fishery!